• "Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up." — Brené Brown

  • Testimonials

  • [What did you see this therapist for?] I was going to college after leaving a day program for eating disorders. [Why would you recommend this therapist?] One of the things I appreciate about Natalie is that she is focused on fixing the underlying issues of the eating disorder but also attended to day-to-day changes that could be made, both in my eating disorder recovery and in managing my school work and other stresses. I like that being in session with her is more like having a conversation than it is like lying on a psychotherapist’s couch.

    Brown University Student '17, New York City (2016)

  • My 14 year old daughter is suffering from an eating disorder. Although she is not yet ready to accept therapy herself, I am seeing Natalie weekly to help me work with my daughter and navigate this uncharted territory. Additionally, Natalie and I have been working through grief and anxiety that I carry. My husband died suddenly two years ago and I am navigating that loneliness and the struggles of single parenting, sole owner/operator of a small business and lone head of the household. Natalie is an expert on eating disorders. But her expertise traverses seamlessly to address other issues – covering the whole being. She is open, trusting and easy to talk to. She creates a safe, comfortable environment, easing and supporting, yet guiding the path into difficult emotional territory. I feel I can trust her and that she exists without judgement. She asks hard questions, but helps and supports you as you search for answers. Additionally, she has given me resources outside of our sessions that she thinks would be helpful or that I may enjoy (books, YouTube videos, etc.). I consider her my friend.bc

    47 year old single mother, small business owner, outdoor enthusiast (2016)

  • Seeing Natalie has really encouraged me to stop being a people-pleaser and to focus on myself and my own well-being. This includes my emotional eating habits. When I bring my thoughts and raw feelings into the sessions, I am never threatened or sorry that I allowed myself to be vulnerable. Natalie's professionalism and trustworthiness is one of a kind.Natalie’s new office feels so welcoming and has become a safe place for me to be honest with myself and make progress. Natalie takes an excellent proactive approach that feels sincere and genuine.

    38 year old digital marketing business owner

  • I first started going to Natalie because of an eating disorder (binging, purging, dietary supplements and using laxatives). Through our sessions I learned about the amounts of anxiety and stress I put on my plate. Natalie has unbelievably powerful words and skills that have a way of healing your pain and tough times. I am a 20 year old college student that was worried, nervous, scared, unsure and has every different mixed emotion about going to therapy. My first experience with Natalie was unbelievable. I walked into her warm room with cozy couches and immediately felt a sense of comfort. All of my mixed emotions were suddenly alleviated. As our sessions progressed and we began to build a relationship, I recognized things beginning to change in my life. She helped me realize the underlying reasons why I binged and purged. Natalie looks and recognizes emotions. Together we began to work and figure out what I was feeling inside that gave me the urge to binge and purge. She allowed me to recognize what I was feeling and to “sit in it”. At first it sounded silly to me to “sit in” my emotions. I thought “who would want to be crying and upset for an ENTIRE 45 minute session?” Now I can luckily answer that question, and I would. The feeling of allowing someone to see you at your lowest point in life and to sit there and support you while you pour your emotions out to them is like no other. It is indescribable. After every session with Natalie I walked out the door feeling a sense of comfort, lightness in my shoulders, openness in my chest and a feeling that there was a reason I meet her. NATALIE was the reason I was going to get my life back. And I did. I have been clean from binging and purging for over 7 months and it feels like years. As I sit down and try to write a message so you can get a sense of who Natalie is, I realize that it is almost utterly impossible. She is not a person who can be described on paper or even in words. Although Natalie and I only have one session a week (45 minutes), it amazes me how the work we do and the words she speaks to me can impact my life in such a major way. Natalie carries me through the every day, hour and second struggle that comes with an eating disorder and anxiety. Natalie is my rock and for that I am forever grateful.

    University of New England nursing student '17, athletic, perfectionist (2016)

  • I see Natalie for an eating disorder that I’ve been in recovery for, for about six years. I see her on a bi-weekly basis, through our one-on-one appointments and therapy group sessions. I’m currently applying to college and that has been an extremely stressful process, as well as living on my own, managing a full time job for a nonprofit as a teacher in an urban middle school. Balancing the fiscal difficulties of grocery shopping on my own, the challenges of my very demanding service job, and making college plans for next year has been very difficult. Natalie is exceptional at connection and feedback. She is incredibly receptive when she listens, and this is made clear through her thoughtful responses, her inclination to find the source of the issue, and her rhetoric to addressing it with care and compassion. She has given me guidance and validation to help me navigate a very difficult, isolating period of my life, and working with her makes me feel committed and driven in my recovery because she lets me set my own goals through her very unique approach called, “Be.” Natalie’s rapport has become very meaningful to me over the past few moths I’ve been able to work with her, because she’s helped keep me grounded in my thoughts and feelings about my self worth in a way that is upfront and authentic. If I bring something into the session that I would like to work on, she knows exactly how to be the most effective in understanding it, and even gives me things to grow on when I leave that space. If I come in feeling lost or inarticulate, she still is remarkably inclined to find the root emotion of the experience or episode, more so than I’ve felt like many people are or care to be. Natalie’s office is a place where I feel safe, it is a place where I have made strides in my recovery in a considerably short period of time, and the hours I’ve spent there have been some of the most proactive, and worthwhile I’ve spent in the entire span of my recovery.

    19 years old, female, student, writer, AmeriCorps teacher at an urban middle school in Providence, RI (2016)