individual therapy

 At be Collaborative Care, we help you live a life that is free from constant food obsession, body-shaming tendences. We know that it’s usually NOT about the food, and identifying unrealistic goals while setting achievable recovery metrics can free you from the pain of living with an eating disorder.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you sick and tired of obsessing about food and your body?

  • Do you struggle with restricting, binging, purging, or over-exercising?

  • Are your negative thoughts about your body keeping you from enjoying life?

  • Do you hate what you see when you look in the mirror?

  • Is your anxiety or depression causing

During 50-minute individual therapy sessions led by our eating-disorder-trained therapists, you work together to set goals, identify eating disorder symptoms, push through limiting beliefs, and discover self-compassion, body-positivity, and food freedom. Together, we uncover the function of the eating disorder behaviors (i.e. to feel calm or a sense of “control,”) and work to develop more life-affirming coping strategies.