finding the balance between food & exercise 

Be Collaborative Care is proud to announce its Meal & Movement Programming, led by Director of Therapeutic Recreation and Athlete Services, Amanda Tierney. This unique, movement-focused program is designed to offer consistent weekly support for clients who are either stepping down from IOP or could benefit from additional support to complement outpatient treatment for eating disorder therapy. Our aim is to holistically provide the opportunity to gain awareness and challenge the disordered mindset associated with maladaptive eating and exercise behaviors. 

About the Meal & Movement Program

be Collaborative Care’s innovative movement program is the first weight-neutral, eating disorder-informed, and sensitive fitness training/movement space in Rhode Island. This safe and intentional movement program supports and guides individuals as they explore a more balanced method of moving their bodies in their recovery journey. We take the focus off dieting and weight loss, and instead promote body positivity, full health, and community, under professional guidance, in a space where you can come as you are. 

Why is this important? Unbalanced exercise behaviors and relative energy deficiency are often core symptoms of an eating disorder. Similarly, unaddressed exercise and eating behaviors place clients at high risk for relapse. That’s why, unlike many eating disorder treatment programs, our Meal & Movement group serves to reduce the risk of relapse while addressing clients’ unique needs, which may include energy deficiencies, process movement/sport-based trauma, and redefining relationships with moving one’s body.

Ultimately, our mission is to decrease the experience of shame, embarrassment, or stigma individuals often face in traditional movement settings. Instead, we help clients understand and build skills to enjoy the more sustainable benefits of exercise, like increasing strength, endurance, flexibility, and connection to others. All of this is accomplished within a safe, supported, and collaborative fitness space that brings together clients, the be Collaborative Care team, and outside providers to support our clients on establishing a balanced relationship with movement.

Program Details

Therapeutic movement can be beneficial to eating recovery and overall health. Integrating physical activity into eating disorder treatments helps clients build sustainable skills while engaging in movement in a healthy and balanced way. Throughout our program, we cover a range of therapies to ensure total healing throughout each person’s journey.


  • Nourishing the body and mind

  • Exploring, healing, and redefining the relationship with exercise

  • Intuitive joyful and whole-health-based movement

  • Mindful walking, dance, strength training, and flexibility work

  • Psychology of exercise, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, & values work

  • Processing body image, negative self-talk, and performance anxiety concerns

  • Skills-based work: goal setting, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, development of self-confidence, and concentration/focus strategies

  • Exposure work: small group fitness training and meal/movement outings

Program Schedule

Our 8-session program model includes Nutritional, Therapeutic, and Exercise Education and Support.

This whole-body approach to healing is achieved through a carefully planned schedule incorporating meal and movement, including:


  • 30-minute skill-based learning through in-vivo movement support with CSCS, CEDS-S

  • 30-minute therapeutic process group with dual-trained Mental Health Clinician/Certified Personal Trainer

  • 45-minute supported meal with Registered Sports Dietitian

  • 15-minute weekly meal and exercise planning

Meet Your Program Leader

Amanda Tierney, MS, CSCS, CEDS-S, is the former director of the country’s first highly successful specialized program for athletes with eating disorders, The Victory Program at McCallum Place. Amanda has been embedded in multidisciplinary teams in eating disorder treatment for 17 years, working in RTC, PHP, and IOP, and outpatient settings. She is the first and only strength and conditioning coach certified as an eating disorder specialist and supervisor by the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP).

Her new program will be led in partnership with be Collaborative Care’s nutrition team, including a Registered Dietitian (CSSD – Certified Sports Dietitian), Licensed Mental Health Clinician and Certified Personal Trainer, and an ED Informed & Sensitive Fitness Professional and Certified Eating Disorders Specialist-Supervisor.

Amanda Tierney, MS, CSCS, CEDS-S