outpatient eating disorder therapy groups and services

be Collaborative Care offers outpatient eating disorder therapy groups and services, including weekly intensive groups, recovery-based movement, and a meal support program. Read more below.

weekly intensive groups

These therapy groups offer consistent weekly support for individuals in eating recovery, who are either stepping down from a higher level of care or could benefit from additional support to complement individual therapy.

The 8-session program has two separate components: a 1-hour alternating skill-based learning and therapeutic processing group, a 45-minute supported meal, and a 15-minute “check out” group.

This eating recovery group integrates essential wellness tools, including DBT, CBT skills and interpersonal processing to support individuals in sustaining positive behaviors toward recovery.

The composition of the group embraces all eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder and provides an opportunity for peer support.

Current Schedule (Ages 18+) Tuesday 6:30PM – 8:30 PM/ 8 WEEKS

recovery-based movement

When done in a healthy way, exercise and movement is the chance for you to reconnect with yourself and space/people around you, find enjoyment and show yourself more compassion.

Recovery-based movement therapy is a supervised individual guided therapy that integrates both the mental and physical aspect of movement. Our team of Health at Every Size ™ aligned dual-trained eating disorder therapist and exercise physiologist helps you identify what the exercise looks like and its purpose in your life.

This process assists in both introducing exercise with some measurable boundaries in place and preventing the eating disorder from sabotaging the process.Together you evaluate the impact of exercise on your treatment, a process that guides further exercise intervention, such as ceasing, reducing, continuing, or increasing exercise engagement. As with everything in eating disorder recovery, the right thing is completely unique to you, but mindful movement is a principle that can be beneficial.