• "Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up." — Brené Brown

  • ...It seems we have made pain some kind of mistake, like having it is somehow wrong. Don’t let them fool you- pain is a part of things. But remember, dear Ellie, the compost down in the field: if the rank and dank and dark are handled well, not merely discarded, but turned and known and honored, they one day come to beds of rich earth home even to the most delicate rose... - Teddy Macker
  • At Be, therapy sessions focus on learning to connect with your emotions. While it is easy to want to focus only on "fixing" symptoms, such as eating disorders and other maladaptive behaviors, we believe that true behavioral shifts occur when you can "heal" at the more fundamental level by learning to connect with your deeper emotions. Individuals find that their behaviors decrease as they feel more connected, cared for, and loved. Many people come into therapy feeling overwhelmed, lonely, and disconnected from themselves, others, and their bodies. In psychotherapy, we allow these feelings to have a voice and be heard, and use the therapeutic relationship as an opportunity to practice connecting with your emotions before translating them into real life.

  • At Be, we recognize the role that an eating disorder can play in an individual's life. You may find that your eating disorder behaviors help you numb or distract from the stressors in your life, and part of you may want to hold onto the behaviors. At the same time, the non-eating disorder part of you may be feeling lonely, wishing you could eat with friends, or wanting to be free of these behaviors. We give voice, care, and love to both parts, working to heal at the right pace for you.

    We also recognize how lonely it can be to struggle with an eating disorder. You may not want to tell the people around you about your disorder because of fear that they might want you to change. Struggling, and simultaneously not being able to share that struggle with friends and family can be an isolating experience and individuals often feel disconnected in their relationships. Our work addresses the way you relate to your family, friends, self, food, work, studies, and body, so that we can fundamentally transform behaviors and relationships and achieve lasting change.