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  • Weight Management

  • The Weight Management Program allows patients to participate in an evidence-based program that blends education, support, medical monitoring, and proven techniques for long-term weight loss. While losing weight can be difficult, studies have shown that a transdisciplinary approach including dietary changes, physical activity and behavioral modification is the most effective way of achieving and maintaining weight loss.

    The program helps you achieve and maintain weight loss by medically proven techniques including individualized dietary plans, classes, and medications as needed. Our expert team not only helps you achieve your ideal weight, but also achieve better health by addressing sustainable lifestyle changes.

  • Individuals who have achieved their weight loss goals participate in a maintenance program to ensure sustainability of their behavioral shifts. This consists of weekly behavioral classes that emphasize lifestyle strategies including healthy diet, exercise, stress reduction, and other behavioral tools that promote long term weight maintenance and good health. Participants continue to meet with the dietitian for individualized meal plans and support as necessary to maintain their ideal body weight.