• "Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up." — Brené Brown

  • At Be, we recognize how extremely difficult it can be to see your loved one, whether a child or spouse, go through a mental illness. It is so easy to feel helpless in the process, and yet there is often not enough support for families trying to be there for their loved ones.

    While every family dynamic is different, and we adjust family involvement accordingly, we feel it is essential for family members to be a part of the recovery process, and encourage family involvement whenever possible. Because we work really hard with individuals to connect with their emotions in a way that takes a lot of courage and vulnerability, we also want to work with families so they can learn how to do the same. This creates a safe environment to connect at a deeper emotional level, thus preventing the internalization of emotions that often drive disordered eating and other maladaptive behaviors. 

  • Many individuals come from an intergenerational history of being closed off and not knowing how to communicate as a family. Our goal is to break this pattern. While it can be hard work and uncomfortable at first, it can also be incredibly powerful, and many families are very grateful in the end to have had the courage to take on the work and go through the process to connect on a deeper emotional level. Rather than simply 'fixing' the symptoms and ignoring or pushing the emotions away, our approach allows you to authentically heal as a family, and learn to sit, connect, and be comfortable with both your emotions as well as your loved ones. 

  • Family therapy
    Individual support for family members
    Lending library of books to learn about your loved one's challenges
    Workshops for parents and loved ones
    Parent groups
    Family meals so you can transfer the therapeutic eating environment to the home